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The company was founded in 1941. In November 1941, during World War II, the first trains arrived in Tomsk with people and equipment evacuated from the Moscow plant "Frezer", which was at that time the major tool producer in Russia. The factory was built during the hard Siberian winter by heroic work of its engineers, workers and managers. Just in 3 month the company put out the first tools.

For over 60 years Tomsky Instrument has grown with the industries it serves. Each stage of its development brought implementation of up-to-date equipment, new approaches to technological processes, improvement of organization of the production cycle.

One of the stages of rapid development are the 70s - 80s. New production facilities were built, more than 250 highly efficient machines were mounted, as well as more than 300 units of special automatic and semi-automatic equipment, new automated assembly lines and multiway facilities. The factory worked in close cooperation with research-and-development institutions, developing new technological processes and using high-alloy steels. It made possible to increase output, extend the product range and improve quality of tools. The factory production was attested by the State quality mark. The sales, including the export sales, increased. These years were also characterized by expedited construction of the residential area around the factory. Kindergartens, a sports club, a school, health centres, staff training facilities were built.

The company has become one of the major tool producing factories in Russia.

In the last ten years Tomsky Instrument has fulfilled important high-technology projects in the field of production development and quality improvement. We applied progressive technologies, mounted new equipment and began to use new types of packaging. Some technologies that we implement are unique for the tool-making industry. In 1995 Tomsky Instrument was awarded the "Leader of Russian Economy" title.

In 1998 our equipment was renovated by modern machinery and measuring devices of the world leading companies, used to manufacture end metal-cutting tools by grinding. It makes possible to produce tools intended for machining of various materials, increase the tool accuracy and improve quality of the machined surface.

In 1999 Tomsky Instrument was the first among Russian tool industry to be certified according to ISO 9001.

Implementation of progressive technology goes along with our commitment to environmental safety, approved by international ecological and audit organizations.

Tomsky Instrument employs highly qualified personnel. There are working dynasties, as a new generation of workers follow their fathers and grandfathers into their respective professions at the company. The best workers, engineers and managers receive government awards.

Consistently we have been paying great attention to the needs of our customers and working on improvement of consumer characteristics of our tools. So it is not by chance, that every second customer in Russia works with tools made by Tomsky Instrument. Our main clients in Russia and the CIS are engineering plants, aircraft manufacturers, oil and gas industries, automotive plants, metallurgy and other industries. For many years we have been exporting our products to many countries around the world: to Western and Eastern Europe, South East Asia and Africa, the USA and Latin America.

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