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Tomsky Instrument group of companies has 70 years of experience of design, production and sales of a wide range of metal-cutting and wood-cutting tools for all kind of industries. We produce drills, taps, dies, mills, composite tools with indexable inserts etc.

Actually every second customer in Russia works with tools made by Tomsky Instrument.

The company is the leading Russian tool producer. The whole production cycle is performed there - from tool design up to marketing and sales. Highly skilled personnel, advanced technology and equipment enable us to put out high-precision products.

Tomsky Instrument was the first in Russian tool industry to receive the ISO 9001 Certificate for establishing and applying a quality system for development, production and distribution of metalworking, woodworking and special tools.

In the production cycle we use environment-saving technology, modern computer techniques. We constantly work on improvement of consumer characteristics of our products.

More than 70-year experience in cutting tools manufacturing, highly qualified personnel, modern machinery and measuring equipment and quality management system - these are the resources that assure high quality of our products and allow Tomsky Instrument to work successfully and expand on the domestic and external markets.

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